Customers may pause their subscription for the number of months equivalent to their subscription’s minimum commitment period. This equates to a 3-month minimum commitment subscription. Allotted pause time can be used either consecutively or periodically following the subscription’s minimum commitment period.

Charges processed prior to the conclusion of the 3-month minimum commitment period cannot be refunded.


Refunds and returns are valid up to 30 days after your one-time purchase and allows you to receive a refund (excludes the price of shipping).

Refunds and returns on Subscription purchases cannot be processed prior to the conclusion of the 3-month minimum commitment period.

Empty Bottle Policy:

If a full regimen, i.e. a full bottle, was not to your satisfaction let us know within 45 days of your purchase date in order to receive a refund. Eligibility varies.

Shipping Verification:

It is highly recommended that you opt for tracking and confirmation numbers for verification of your order. Doing so and sharing this information with us during an inquiry will help keep us honest, we don't want anyone to fall through the cracks!

Timeline Expectations:

After initiating a return or refund please be patient for shipping, quality control, and communication with credit card companies and banks to process the information. These processes typically require 7-10 business days.


With any concerns or questions, please reach out to us by email: